POP! Heroes: The Dark Knight Trilogy - The Joker (The Joker & The Joker Bank Robber) (Glow in the Dark) (2 Pack)

Item Description:
   • Brand: Funko
   • Product Type: Pop! Vinyl
   • Fandom: DC
   • Reference Number: 2 Pack
   • Exclusivity: Gemini Collectibles
   • Year of Release: 2013
   • Edition Size: 480
   • Includes PopShield Armor Hard Protector, Stacks with Magnetic Lid

Item Condition:
★★★★★: Near Mint - Mint (w/o Gemini & GITD Stickers)
★★★★☆: Very Good
★★★☆☆: Good
★★☆☆☆: Fair
☆☆☆☆: Poor

Please note that the item condition expressed above should only be used as a suggestive guide in which to gauge the condition of any given item. The grades that are assigned by us may not reflect the same opinions of the consumer and should not be used with certainty, as they are based only on our opinion.

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