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Pre-Order Policy



- We cannot accept returns or exchanges, with exception to the special conditions as outlined in our Return Policy. Qualifying pre-order cancellations will incur a 20% CANCELLATION FEE.

- WE DO NOT SHIP UNTIL ALL ITEMS IN YOUR ORDER ARE IN STOCK. We suggest placing separate orders if you'd like to receive your in-stock items before your pre-ordered items.

Pre-Order FAQs:

Q. Why should I pre-order?
A. Place your pre-order today to avoid getting sold out of our latest and most popular products! By pre-ordering with us, you are being placed on our list of priority customers for that particular item(s). Due to the limited nature of some of our products, we cannot always guarantee restocks.

Q. When will I be charged for pre-orders?
A. You will be charged immediately upon completion of the checkout process.

Q. Hey, what gives? Where’s my pre-order? I’ve seen the same items showing up at other stores already.
A. We do not always receive our shipments at the same time as some of our competitors. Unfortunately, we don't have any control over when our orders are shipped to us, whether it be directly from Funko or from one of our other distributors. Sometimes we receive our stuff early, sometimes around the expected release date (release dates are not always accurate and are subject to change), and sometimes a little later. Because of this, we can never promise shipping dates on pre-ordered items.

Q. When will my pre-order ship?
A. We always do our best to provide you guys with accurate product release dates however these dates are always approximate and can vary depending on the manufacturer/distributor. While we cannot provide you with an exact ship date, we can guarantee that we will expedite your pre-ordered item(s) within 2 - 3 business days, upon receiving and processing them into our warehouse. Once your order has been processed, packed and shipped, you will immediately receive an email notification with your tracking information.

Q. What if my order consists of both in-stock & pre-ordered items? 
A. By placing an order with both in-stock, as well as pre-ordered items together, we will not ship any part of your order until all of your items have been received into our inventory. In order to avoid delays in receiving your in-stock item(s), we strongly suggest that you place separate orders.
Q. Does pre-ordering guarantee that I will receive my item(s)?
A. In most cases, yes. There are however, some rare instances below, where we might not be able to fulfill your order.
• The manufacturer announces that the particular items have either been discontinued or production has been completely cancelled.
• Our distributors are unable to allocate quantities to us due to the exclusivity or extremely limited nature of the items.
• The items that you have pre-ordered have arrived to us damaged and are no longer available for re-order.
These examples don't happen very often but if/when they do, we will notify and provide you with a full refund.

Q. Am I able to cancel my pre-order?
A. ALL SALES AT MADPOPPIN.COM ARE FINAL, INCLUDING PRE-ORDERS. Please make sure that your order is correct prior to checkout. We cannot accept returns or exchanges, with exception to the special conditions as outlined in our Return Policy. QUALIFYING PRE-ORDER CANCELLATIONS WILL INCUR A 20% CANCELLATION FEE.
Still have questions?
Whether you're thinking about pre-ordering or you've already placed an order with us and would like to check on the status of your order, please do not hesitate to call or contact us at We're here to help.

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